Our success depends on volunteers willing to assist with our music-related activities. Please email impa@interlakemusic.org if you are willing to help in any of these activities:

Fundraising Coordinator: Do you like communicating with organizations about supporting worthy causes? Are you interested in seeing IHS Music succeed to the fullest? Your role will be to seek, coordinate, and/or promote fundraisers and events. You also lead grant writing and securing corporate partnerships or sponsorships by local businesses and companies. You also will coordinate with the IHS PTSA, IHS Booster Club, and other programs to collaborate on campaigns and ensure we don’t overlap or cannibalize each other’s efforts! This is a vital position – please consider it.
Time Commitment: as much as you can provide! Contact: Al

Communications Coordinator: Do you love communicating with people and making sure they have information they need – not too little and not too much? Work with the directors and VPs to get information to families and students through the web site, email, and any other means (even paper flyers or signage).
Time commitment: one hour per month. Contact: Al

Event Planners and Helpers: Do you like organizing events? Do you like helping make events go smoothly? We need you! It’s also a great way to meet others who love it when a plan comes together. We need coordinators and helpers for these events:

  • A Taste of Music – This is the annual orchestra fundraiser, concert and celebration. We host this even in the fall. Volunteers are needed for numerous elements of this event to ensure its success. We need someone able and willing to contact businesses, organizations, and families for silent auction items; helpers for set-up and tear-down; helpers for food and drink; helpers for decorations. Contact: Michaela
  • Taste of Broadway – The annual choir fundraiser is in the late winter. Volunteers are needed for numerous elements of this event to ensure its success. Contact: Morgane and Diana
  • Simply Sweet Jazz – Held in June, this is our annual evening of Jazz Music, Dessert and Raffle to raise funds for our award winning Interlake Jazz Bands.  Volunteer opportunities for marketing, food coordination, and procurement. Contact: Reshma
  • IHS Music Awards Night – This is a wonderful student and family dinner celebration held at the end of the school year. This year it will be on June 12, 2023 at 6:00 pm. We need:
    • Coordinator for the event
    • Helpers to set up and tear down
    • People to bring food, including pizzas, cakes, and drinks
    • A program creator;
    • Someone to help set up and tear down the audio/visual equipment.
  • Contact: Al

Marching Band Uniform Coordinator: Is your student in the marching band? Do you like order and a smart-looking group of kids?!! Help manage our inventory of uniforms, supervise volunteers during Early Week to measure and hem uniforms. (No sewing experience is necessary)
Time commitment: 10-15 hours during Early Week, and as needed throughout the year. Contact: Koan or Crystal

Chaperones: Do you enjoy music and have time to accompany students on their super fun trips? We typically need two or three chaperones for each trip that takes place off campus. Contact your VP when they ask – or volunteer yourself in advance!
Contact: Koan or Crystal for Band; Michaela for Orchestra; Morgane or Diana for Choir.

Photographers and Videographers – We appreciate photographers and videographers recording our performances and events. These are used for the end-of-year music awards night for all of us to enjoy and remember the year fondly! We also post a small selection for fun on our website. Contact your VP when they ask – or volunteer yourself in advance!
Contact: Koan or Crystal for Band; Michaela for Orchestra; Morgane or Diana for Choir.

Program Maker: Do you have a creative skillset and are able to efficiently make great-looking (and accurate) programs? We’d love to have you make them for the directors so they don’t have to!
Time Commitment: one hour a month, Contact: Al

Nominating Committee – We need four parent or guardian volunteers to serve on a committee to nominate candidates for the 2023-24 IMPA Board. Your role is to find other parents or guardians (whose children will be in the music program next year) willing to volunteer in one of the officer positions. These positions are President, Secretary, Treasurer, and VPs (Vice Presidents) for each of Band, Jazz Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Your skill: you know at least two other parents who are willing and able to give a little bit of their time to serve the IHS Music Program.
Time Commitment: a few hours – but mainly your commitment to ask people to help. During March, April, and May. Contact: Al

Auditor: If you are detail oriented and are comfortable with numbers, this is for you! Every year, on one evening in the fall, a small group (four of us) meet to go over the books from the previous year to make sure everything’s in order. No previous experience necessary.
Time commitment: two hours in the early fall. Contact: Ming