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Interlake Music Parent Association!

“IHS Music is a wonderful community that I’m glad I joined. As a musician, I don’t know how many friends I have that aren’t musicians too so it’s amazing how this program can connect us all!” – Jonathan Zheng, IHS Class of 2023

“Fantastic program. It’s a great outlet for high school students. Dr. Katsman is an amazing teacher, who has a great connection with her students and love for music.” – Susan Drummond, IHS Class of 2022 parent

‚ÄčThe Interlake Music Parents Association (IMPA) has supported the award-winning Interlake High School Music Program since 1977. At Interlake, you will find music at its best: superior ensembles directed by highly skilled faculty, and a supportive community with high expectations and a commitment to excellence. Interlake Music offers a wide variety of musical opportunities to its students, and is committed to their growth as musicians and as young adults.

The Interlake High School Music Program relies on the generous donations from families, community organizations, and companies. Please consider a making a gift to support the music students at Interlake High!

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Contact IMPA at impa@interlakemusic.org