Welcome, Interlake Orchestra Students and Families!

We are excited about this year and all of the fun things that are going to happen! Interlake Orchestra consists of three ensembles: Concert Orchestra (freshmen and first-year orchestra students), Sinfonia Orchestra (non-audition 10th-12th graders), and Chamber Orchestra (audition 10th-12th graders).

Interlake Orchestra uses CHARMS as its primary method of communication with families and students. Make sure to register with CHARMS using the instructions below in order to receive emails for news, announcements, and information. We will be updating this page all year long with news, information, photos, and videos from this year’s events and performances.

The 2022-23 IMPA contacts for Orchestra are:
VP: Michaela Tsai (orchestra@interlakemusic.org)
Orchestra Music Director: Dr. Shira Katsman (katsmans@bsd405.org)

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Class Documents

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All activities marked with a * are MANDATORY.

  • 1st Quarter
    Aug. 31 – Ice Cream Social Meet & Greet, 1 pm
    Sept. 15 – IMPA General Meeting and Music Parents Night (Required), 7 pm
    Oct 6 – Open House/Curriculum Night (In Person)
    Oct 26 – 7 pm, Mattress Fundraiser Information Meeting (20 minutes)

  • 2nd Quarter
    Nov. 17 – A Taste of Music, 7 pm [All Orchestras]*
    Dec 4 – Mattress Fundraiser, IHS Gym
    Dec. 13 – Winter Orchestra & Choir Concert, 7 pm [All Orchestras]*
    Jan. 19 – Sinfonia & Concert Orchestras Chamber Music Recital, 6-9 pm [Sinfonia, Concert]*
    Jan. 25 – Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Music Recital, 6-8 pm [Chamber]*

  • 3rd Quarter
    Jan. 28 – Eastshore Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Festival
    Feb. 14 – North Zone Orchestra Concert [All Orchestras]*
    Feb. 16 – UW Orchestra Festival [Sinfonia, Chamber]*
    Feb. 17 – NAfME-NW Conference Performance [Chamber]*
    Feb. 17-19 – WMEA State Solo & Ensemble Festival
    Mar. 1-5 – New York City National Orchestra Cup Championships [Chamber]
    Mar. 9 – Eastshore Orchestra I Festival [Chamber]*
    Mar. 21 – Eastshore Orchestra II Festival [Sinfonia, Concert]*
    Mar. 23 – 7 pm Spring Orchestra Concert [All Orchestras]*

  • 4th Quarter
    Apr. 25-26 – Sinfonia Orchestra Trip [Sinfonia]
    June 1 – Concert Orchestra Trip [Concert]*
    June 6 – End of Year Orchestra Concert & Reception [All Orchestras]*, 7 pm
    June 12 – Music Awards Night, 6 pm
    June 14 – Senior Graduation [Chamber]*

*Events are subject to change and recent changes may not appear in Google Calendar or iCal. Make sure to check with the Music Directors or IMPA VPs with questions.

2022-23 Performances and Events

Check back later for photos and videos!

Orchestra Performances and Events Archive