About Us

About Interlake Music

The Interlake Music Parents Association (“IMPA”) has supported the award-winning Interlake High School music program since 1977.

IMPA Mission and Principles

IMPA is dedicated to supporting the faculty, families, and students of Interlake Music. Our goals are:

  1. To further enhance the ideals of Interlake High School – Integrity, Humanity and Scholarship – through music. 
  2. To instill in high school youth an appreciation for music.
  3. To broaden the social and emotional growth of our youth through contact with others locally, nationally and internationally who also participate in music programs. 
  4. To enhance the connection with our community through participation in community events and to provide quality music programs.

Questions? Contact us at impa@interlakemusic.org

Our Directors

Mr. David Kim: Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble 1, Wind Ensemble, Bennett Elementary

IB Music, Jazz Ensemble 2, Symphonic Band:
Paul Gillespie is a tenor saxophonist, composer, and music educator who performs improvised music throughout the Seattle area as a member of the Jazz Police and PGM Trio, and with others as a freelance musician. Paul studied music composition with his mentor William O. Smith and completed a large-scale symphonic piece Three Movements for Piano and Orchestra in 2017.

Paul is a National Board Certified Teacher and teaches instrumental music and International Baccalaureate Music in the Bellevue School District in Bellevue, WA. He received a B.A. in Saxophone Performance, Jazz Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington (1999) and a B.M. in Music Education from the University of Washington, Seattle (2008). 


Chamber Orchestra, Sinfonia Orchestra and Concert Orchestra: Dr. Shira Katsman

Concert Choir, Jazz Choir: Mr. Michael King